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They guarantee that all human subjects that become respondents in the study accepted freely and wilfully to participate and that they have been fully updated on the purpose of the research. In light of certain research, father absence can be disadvantageous; certain evidence suggests stepfather presence does not reduce these disadvantages but in fact has a worsening effect on such issues.

For example, the Cinderella effect , which refers to the observation that stepchildren are at a dramatically increased risk of physical abuse and homicide than children living with their biological parents. In accordance with their findings, results show that girls raised in families with stepfathers exhibit a significantly earlier age of menarche than girls raised without stepfathers. Relative to other groups, children with a constantly absent biological father but a stepfather present reported more frequent incidences of sexual intercourse , as well as an earlier onset of sexual behaviour.

The mean age of children with their biological father absent or partially absent is approximately A higher percentage of children with a constantly absent biological father reported having sexual intercourse than those in the partially absent group. Those with a stepfather present and those with a biological father always absent have the earliest first time experiences of sexual intercourse at on average The effect of having a partially absent biological father with stepfather absence and the effect both stepfather or biological father absence are the same.

This study indicated that the presence of a stepfather is not compensating to the disadvantages of a biological father being absent. In some situations, it can cause an even bigger negative effect on children. Choice of effective treatment can be greatly varied and thus can be affected by many factors such as age, one's ability to understand and deal with emotionally heavy material, family members involvement and the family and child's priorities and needs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is written like a personal reflection, personal essay, or argumentative essay that states a Wikipedia editor's personal feelings or presents an original argument about a topic.

Please help improve it by rewriting it in an encyclopedic style. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Child: Care, Health and Development. Child Development. Journal of Marriage and Family. Annual Review of Sociology. A review of the effects of kin on child survival" PDF.

Evolution and Human Behavior. Population Trends. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. Acta Paediatrica. Journal of Child Health Care. Journal of Anthropological Research. Social Science Research. Parental investment and sexual selection Archived at the Wayback Machine. Campbell Ed. London: Heinemann. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics. Bibcode : Sci The psychoanalytic theory of male homosexuality. Young Children. Journal of Medical Ethics. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. Alexandra Psychological Bulletin.

Human Nature. Richard; Cliquet, R. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. American Journal of Human Biology. Annals of Human Biology. Journal of Adolescent Research. In attempting to explain how divorce will affect children, it is necessary for a research to first examine and categorize children in groups which will make it easy to carry out the study. This is because children will be affected differently by divorce depending on the age factor.

The research will become more attainable if carried out using learning institutions which will include pre-schools, secondary schools and colleges. Therefore, a city within a state is selected where the research will be conducted and a preschool, one secondary school and one college is selected within the city where respondents children are found.

Objectives becomes necessary for the study. This will allow a research to focus on certain areas and completely address the matter at hand without leaving gaps in the area of research. In addressing the topic, 'The effect on children of an absent parent following divorce,' the following research objectives can be used". International Journal of Cancer. Normal and aberrant growth. In Williams Textbook of Endocrinology 8th edition. Edited by Wilson, J.

Philadelphia: Saunders. Mavis Developmental Psychology. The Results Are In. Visit www. In many ways the planning of a wedding will indicate the culture of the marriage. Compassion - True strength is not only in how you can build up yourself but also in your ability to build up others. Ir para. Ajuda sobre Acessibilidade. Esqueceste-te da tua conta? Andre D. Jzade Forte Revue. Ver mais. Contact Email: andre. I appreciate your article.

I'm a father of four; three daughters and one son. I am fortunate enough that my wife and I have a good marriage and together share life and parenting. I know that my role as dad is an important one which I take seriously. Your honest article was both an encouragement to me in what I've been, but also a good reminder of how important it is that I stay legit and involved in my family and kids life.

I do have a nephew who's been raised without a dad and has experienced most everything except suicide thankfully, or even attempted suicide that you mentioned in your article. I benefitted from your article, and am mindful that I may need to be more proactive in going toward him. I've lived outside the area and country for about 26 years and have just moved back to where the rest of my family lives. Reading your article has me thinking about my nephew, and praying about what I could do to be a positive element in his life.

I don't feel responsible to fix him, but just wonder about being a positive element in his life right now. I married a man who grow up without a father. We have a son who is the most precious gift from god. As my husband grows older he has become more angry less patient and increasingly disrespectful. I have decided to end our marriage of 18 years because his behavior has become intolerable. Look, most people regardless of parents have some of what you have describe - that's life.

I can introduce you to numerous people with two parents and those with only a father and the same problems. In the work place, I'm responsible for training significant numbers of people at all income levels. There weaknesses become evident.

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In the last 20 years, massively destructive cultural shift in the America. Result: No wedlock -no committed relationship and no responsible parents. Even worse, child born in poverty means basic needs of love, care and education are not met. What can you do? Millions of people have recovered using the ACOA meetings.

They go on to live productive meaningful lives. You may not be an ACOA; however, the issues you are facing are in most cases the same. This totally breaks my heart First I didn't want to have children because I grew up without a father and I know all the struggle and the pain. I've talked about my problems, I had professional help and I was ready to open up for love.

I met this perfect guy Who I felt deeply in love with I'm pregnant and suddenly he is acting like he isn't that into me anymore. This hurt like hell Cause it looks like my child is going to be without a father Just like me. It hurt me so much cause it's my first child, I am supposed to be happy.. But I'm sad thinking about an abortion. I'm over the 30, I have a job and my own house I can give this child anything he needs But I wouldn't be able to give him a father's love I feel like I have failed and I just want to die.

Cause no child deserve being born in this situation. I feel like a failed, I failed myself and my unborn child. This is not okay. She watched it happen and should have known there was a problem. Also he cheated on giants first wife while teaching high school alongside her, with one of his students. The girl was his daughters friend. His daughter was in the same class with that girl. Sorry, super off topic. I grew up without a father I've spoken to him 3 times throughout my life twice around the age of 5 or 6 but he was only around to try and get in my mother's pants again and once I saw him when I worked with his best friend at the age of 14 he didn't even wanna give me 2 dollars to get a burrito his best friend gave him hell for that and it wasnt intentional to work with his best friend just happened also I have faced all of these as well I have bad anger I barely passed high school by bringing up 4 f's in the matter of two days not that I'm not smart it's that I didn't put effort into it I've been depressed and had suicidal thoughts I'm 18 now and recently got my self out of my home town where I'd party often and just was heading down a bad dark road but I can honestly say I've changed for the better and still am but I still honestly get depressed out of no where often sometimes the whole day sometimes for just an hour or so.

I lost my father a couple of years ago due to cancer, and I can't explain to you in words how bad it hurts. I'd do anything to get him back, and I feel like nothing without a male role model in my life. I feel like I have anger problems, it's like I'll get mad at the littlest things. I try to at least have a decent relationship with my mom, but that never works out. The only thing our family can do is fight now day, and since I'm only 11 I don't know how to take this all in.

My older sister told me to look up fatherless children, so I did, and this popped up. I feel I can relate with everything on here, and hope that no one else has to feel it too. I am a woman who had a father but lost him in a moment when I was 9 yrs old because he sexually molested me. I now know that emotionally detached myself in that moment because I suddenly didn't know who this man was, and I feared him for the rest of my life.

Your description of how being fatherless left you feeling, molded your personality sounds exactly like me. You sound like me, almost to a T. Introverted, angry, letting the anger build up to where you explode. You never outgrow that. I haven't, you described how life is perfectly growing up without a father. A father to nurture you, love you, guide you thru adolescence. Life has always been a struggle for me in the exact same way you described it.

And like you, my "friends" are what have been my safety net all my life. But I still and will always struggle with depression, and trust issues, and relationship issues. I've divorced, I've never had children. I could never make the decision to want to have children, I believe because I had such a horrible childhood experience, I just could never get past relating being a child in this world to something "negative" and "difficult". I didn't want to bring in a child to possibly suffer what I had. No, I guess I decided "subconsciously" to end it with me.

When you said, "I've spent nearly all my life containing myself ". I'm not a writer, so you expressed in writing what I couldn't. Thank you for sharing your story. Perhaps you grew up without a father because your father had these very same traits and lack of innate or learned coping skills. I grew up without a father and I've always felt a gap in my life. I never had any male role models in my life and it can be devastating. I don't want children If I may end up doing the same to them. Paradoxically , I always have wished I should have been an orphan or, to loose my parent early in my childhood At home, there was absolutely no love around at all, despite an apparently normal family and family life with three kids I never had or might have any confidential conversation neither with any of my parents, nor any of my brothers.

Every try ended in a betrayal. Though the parents, dad and mom, looked satisfied and proud about their family!!! This makes I 'm always wondering why the absence of parents and pecurlarly unloving parents is considered as an handicap? Isn'it a lesser brake on development to have no than having some of that kind of unloving or indifferent ones which I am convinced, must be many? We, all are touched by this fatherless problem, in some way or another, since we know first hand what it feels like, how are we trying to change this? It is hard for me to open it to anyone.

My parents split in the 50s, my pop was a drunkard, my mom had to raise us on her own. My younger brother myself and my older sister. Some times our father would come around to visit and our mum would turn on us and say if we love him why don't we go and live with him. Kids dont understand relationships or where the next buck is coming from. My mom tried to have a relationship with me that wasnt all that healthy. It greatly embaressed me, when she told all her friends that i was a good kisser.

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I was'nt doing well in school, I never did homework as there wasn't anyone at home to help me. I covered up the shakey home life I had. I was angry with both of my parents and still am at Typically when children grow up fatherless we may naturally think it's due to the father choosing to avoid his paternal responsibilities in favor of filling his life with selfish and hedonistic pursuits. I'm here to say that this not always the case.

In my personal story, I've been driven away from having an active, present role in my son's life due to his mother's desire to have him all to herself.

I set up a beautiful nursery and home for him but just before he was to be born his mother decided to take him and go live with her parents. My son is now nearly 5 months old and I've never spent a single overnight with him. His mother has no intentions to ever leave her parents she is 37 and give him the appropriate family life of a loving mother and father that he deserves. They take the baby out of state to their vacation home for weeks at a time and I barely see my son at all.

From the beginning I have always wanted to be a consistent and nurturing father, there for my son each and every day. However, his mother and her parents have decided to make him their own and have severely alienated me in the process. There are so many reasons why a father may not be a regular part of their child's life.

I have been heartbroken over the situation I'm in. All I ever wanted was to be a father and I've been denied that because of the psychological issues of the mother to my son. I looked up a 1 year old growing up with out a father I am a single mother who has a young son and has no father or should i say left out of state and lives else where yes we could send out child back and forth and everything else but as a mother of 1 its hard to sit and let a man get your child and has lost lots of trust from you and you ask of him to build the trust and he can have him he has to learn to be a fatuer away from his son before his son comes in front of him.

Thank You and this made me look at things different and ill try my best to alter my life to try and change some of the things that was said above that could happen. This article really touched my heart and I appreciated it so much. So much awesome insight here. I grew up fatherless, and have fought to make sure my son has kept his. Life doesn't always go as planned. Growing up without a father makes people make unreasonable decisions that are of rage.

If your dad left you some kids think of revenge. If you are out there in such a situation don't let not your aim to prove to him your worth for you are more valuable than the world for you have a father that's GOD. Don't waste your time proving your worth let the world know that you are excellency. Don't let your child go through the same situation or another child be responsible for the world security you can do this if you are reading this.

And she laughs and i just shrug it off and play like i dont care, but just like the song mockingbird im sad and i want to cry behind my eyes even when i smile even when i laugh. Thank you--I am pleased you are sober as a priest and I too learned how life is not fair. I'm writing as a young adult who has known his dad for most of his life.

It's terrifying being without him for over a year, but what matters is that you have support from your family I don't normally share this with my friends at school. This article defines what people like us will be when they grow up- and that is a terrible way of looking at things in the midst of such a deep psychological scar.


Psychological Effects of Growing Up Without a Father | Owlcation

My advice for all the other kids and mothers in my struggle is this: we are the ones who define who we are. Sure, I get more inexplicably angry and frustrated at my friends without a moments notice. But these things are out of my control. Since last year, I have continuously pushed myself to do even better at school than the years before- I know that this is what my dad would have wanted. I've been getting A's in my honors classes, and although it was hard to find motivation, I just think: what would he want for me?

What would he want for my future? Look at this loss as an opportunity to succeed; reverse the mindset imposed by the article. I have since pushed myself to run every day and I am on track to run a sub minute 5K. Knowing that I have that much less to lose makes everything bearable for me. Sure, there are lots of memories and flashbacks that will make you cry, but either you stand and take the hits or fall and quit.

In addition to balancing my academics and athletics, I have picked up gaming as a hobby to clear my mind. It's a great escape for me, and for you, this might be meditation or therapy. A life without my best friend is a bit grueling for 15 year olds like me, but knowing that there are others like me is very encouraging and motivating for me. To all the other victims of fatherlessness, stay strong and always be there for your mother.

They will always have your back when you need them. And to all the widows, your kids really do think that you're the strongest person alive, so always be there for them and prove them right. My father was never around. Last time I seen him was when I was at the age of 3 or 4 but now that I am older I just get curiousity of how his character is like. Hopefully some day I get to know him in person and actually thank him for not being in my life because I probably wouldn't have come to be how I am positively motivational onto others as I am now.

When the time comes if it comes, and if I have to I will take care of my father once he gets older and doesn't have anyone to help him. I just don't find the logic in hating my father for not being in my life. We all have flaws and are not perfect. Yeah he wasn't in my life so what, there's no excuse for one to not live our life's to our fullest potential.

I'm am scared beyond anything that this is going to have negative ramifications for their future I know life it's always the smoothest climb. I am a teacher, a respected member of society with no background in this life. It touches everyone and anyone. I need help. I need to know my daughters can grow up and be successful while I fight everyday for them. Iren, your comments give me hope for my son who's never met his dad.

I worry about him although he's only 3 now. I wish he had a great dad but I'm giving him all I can. I he too can focus on the positives. If anyone has any advice for the single mom, dos and don't, please share. I hope those of you who suffer will find peace and love and hapiness. You deserve it! Im fatherless, never knew him, and it makes me feel really alone and helpless when researching "daddy issues " online because hardly anything helpful appears online. It feels like no professionals are working or caring for the scarred fatherless children and teens out there.

From A Fatherless Father To His Sons (2)

Its a major issue and getting to be more and more common, yet nobody seems to have a straightforward plan to help people with their daddy issues. It's just frustrating and I wanted to share. If there's one thing I can recommend to you or anyone in our shoes I gave up a lot of addictive habits once I picked up working out. Trust me on this one.

I'm 35, have very few friends, am hardly social, work as a cleaner, dropped out school and an apprenticeship, have little interest in life and have almost no contact with the rest of my family. I'm like a boat out at sea with no motor, no sails or no oars. Just there, slowly drifting through life. Waiting to wake up from this dream, hopefully having developed something of myself. I don't have depression, i don't have anger issues and i am definitely not aggressive. Hi guys,i never do this stuff Just feels like i need to share my story as well.

I can relate to alot of not just the articles but comments as well So i grew up without an dad i had numerous step dads thy come and went but my mother was beaten up by not just my father he was an SA champ boxer back in the day so he broke her nose twice, she always told me this storys of my father being a bad man thy called him "devil" because of his boxing, that was his nickname in the ring. But as the years go by i was always curious who my dad was obviously.. I grew so much hate for any man who lifted his hands to a woman thanks to all the low lifes my mother used to date, i had one wish and that was to become 18 so i could kick the living shit out of anyone who dares lift there hands to a woman doesn't matter how much i hate that woman per say i would disintegrate that male person..

I saw my dad once in my entire life and he was a good man he loved me so much just for that week but my hate and anger towards my dad would never subside.. When i saw him i saw him beating the woman i carried close to my heart my mother.. But yeah i fucked out completely long story short drug abuse used alot of drugs and still am i use weed cause it calms me down and distracts my mind i never finished high school cause we kept on moving around we had nothing i stayed at a bar with my mom for a good 12 years of my life and clearly if you read this post you can see i didn't finish school, im 20 years old but i feel 4 0 cause if been throughout so much shit in my life..

So yeah that screwed up my entire life and im unemployed and my life looks really bad i don't know where life is taking me.. Im depressed if im alone im starting to get alot of suicidal thoughts but thats been keeping me up and running all this time and giving me hope is my real father in fact the father of all of us our creater our molder our reason for opening our eyes in the morning our almighty God.. I can seek comfort by him and i can cry and talk to him without any judgement or pitty..

I know the lord wouldn't have put me on this earth if i was to just fade away But anyhow i became 18 and i smoked every single guy touching my mom and 2 sisters now 20 and i put my step dad in the hospital foe choking my sister i broke 3of his ribs and broke his bridge Really not proud of what i did but i grew up in that mind set and im trying to change for the best but theres a struggle between these emotions and i guese that gives me a split personality But i can relate with the silent anger issue cause im a quiet person in general But thanks for reading this Be grateful, be grateful for even the smallest things in life..

God bless you all. I grew up with a big secret around me. My mom and step dad briefly separated and during this time I was conceived and she lied that she didn't have sex with anyone else during this time. I had no clue until I was 25 when I asked my step dad if he was my real father. He firmly said no and he knew it the day I was born. Wow what a shock.

I've been living with this emotional hemotoma for the last 30 years. Finally did DNA tests to confirm in My mom has total amnesia so I have no clue who my real dad is. Wish there was some support groups out there for something like this. Even after all this time it's still very difficult as far as having confidence , dealing with shame, trying to be a good father myself etc. Iren Pronk you win the chocolates,what a superb piece you 've written here ,you are an example of humble greatness and a guiding light to anyone who has been dealt a cruel card of fatherlessness.

For further understanding of this area of child abuse google "Parential Alienation". Lets all learn to put kids before our own selfessness as they have no say in the matter but we so called adults do. I myself can relate to this throughout my teens I attempted suicide many times because I didn't have a father today not so much but I'm still greatly sad and depressed that I never had an old man to guide and protect from the horrors of the world growing up.

I grew up not knowing my dad because he passed away when I was 20 months old and have had a difficult time most of my life and have tried to find a father figure most of my life and now that I am grown I feel bad about still trying to find a father figure. I wish I could let it go but for some reason it still haunts me. I am 65 years old and it bothers me that I still feel. All of this I have and still am experiencing.

I grew up in a "single parent home" with a stepdad but single parent home indeed. He was an alcoholic stepdad who would come home every night and beat my mom senseless in front of me and my two other siblings who were too scared and weak to even defend her. We were victims of his atrocious and horrendous beatings. I remember being labeled as the "devil" by him because I would break many things in the house kids do that, it's normal but he didn't understand that. Him and my mom would argue , scream at each other constantly and he would take it out on us.

To give some background info my mom was a small fragile 5 foot 1 woman , we are Mexican and she was too scared at that time to even report him to the police because she was scared of deportation. We grew up extremely poor, I had to steal toys and even go to bed hungry because sometimes there wasn't enough food to eat.

I would despise coming home because I knew he would be there or even if he wasn't whenever I heard the door lock being opened me and my siblings would anxiously scramble about and try to hide. I used to get punched, beat with belts, wires, hangers, smacked for every little thing. My mom "loved" him too much to even see the harm that she was putting herself and us through something I can never be mad at her for because she was also a victim.

I never had a childhood, instead of playing with toys I would be locked in a cold dark room doing 5 digit multiplication problems because "he" believed that I should be studying and doing anything remotely academic. I grew up bullied in school, insecure of myself, and having to deal with it all over again at home. My mom worked every day and I would always be in the hand of a babysitter until she could pick us up from there and take us home to where I believed was "hell".

Fast forward years later. In high school I had severe addiction to drugs, ecstasy, molly, coke, over the counter prescription cough medication, acid, and recently I've had an addiction with oxycodone. Anything that could remotely distort reality and make me escape it all, hell. Luckily I dropped it all and started working out and that eventually became an outlet for my anger.

Fast forward more years and now I'm 22 but the effects have already taken a toll on me. I'm now an attractive young man, who is in great shape, can be seen as a "perfect masculine figure" but I'm still insecure. I have had problems with relationships because I tend to get angry easily , controlling, and jealous. I get mood swings from time to time and sometimes I get periods of just wanting to escape everything and deleting my social media accounts and just wanting to be left alone, working out, not talking to anyone. I'm a huge procrastinator, I consider myself weak because I'm emotionally unstable and am a ticking time bomb because i don't tend to show my anger but once it comes out it's extremely volatile and I become a walking bomb.

Yes one does have a choice and can't blame other for their failures but once it's been conditioned in your mind for your whole life, so many fucked up factors that just make you a shit being just wanting to end your life as the days go on it's hard to just say "man up" or "you can get out of this mindset if you think more positive" if it were that easy I wouldn't be writing this.

Psychological Effects of Growing Up Without a Father

Also for me not having any decent male figure in my life has also been trouble finding out my sexuality because it took the outside world to teach me what it was to be a "man". I'm in college, I have laid off the drugs, I still workout and workout religiously because to me that's therapy and the only thing keeping me sane. I work, I do everything by the books, haven't had any encounter with law enforcement but I'm still emotionally unstable.

I have problems being intimate with others and I tend to break away from people who tend to show me that I'm not the shit being that I think I am. For some odd reason I dwell deeply in the past and it might sound weird but I actually like being hurt now, physically and emotionally because it gives me that drive to just excel and push myself even harder even if it means deteriorating my own self. The show goes on though. Growing up fatherless, never meeting him has impacted me a lot, all I have is hate and pity for that man who is now dead since , hit and run accident so I'll never get the chance to tell him all of this.

Thank you to anyone who has read this. Takes a huge load off of me at in the morning. So what? I grew up without a father too - but in the end we can decide how we let the situation affect us. Within every situation, we face a choice on how we let it affect us. The choice is simple. You don't let it affect you negatively, let it make you stronger. If nobody taught you how to find the right woman? Go out there and learn how to talk to them and find what type of girl makes you happy, just to name one example.

Or find a friend who knows it better than you do. There you go, you are encouraged at a younger age to learn about life yourself. I want to emphasize: yourself. We are encouraged to become more self-reliant at a younger age, and therefore become more equipped to find solutions to problems we face ourselves.

My point is: that in our fatherlessness, we can find strength. We are put in a position where we are forced to find out about life for ourselves. Just do it and stop the self-pity. Learning about life yourself will probably equip you with a more unique and original view of life compared to others. Embrace it.

Own it. Share it. Test it. Refine it if you feel like it. Or not. Who cares, you choose. The problem with the article you just mentioned is that it sets us up for failure, not for more happiness in life. We have to redefine the fatherless household narrative to a more positive one. For our own good. More likely to commit suicide? Yes, oh that's so true! I've thought about it plenty of times when faced with huge setbacks and with no-one to talk about it. What did this give me? I was forced to reflect and find a solution myself, I looked for additional sources of advice, books, the internet or from other role models I admire.

Because I had no father to teach me how to deal with setbacks. I was forced to learn how to deal with huge setbacks and blows myself, I had to learn it myself and now I can teach my peers how to deal with theirs. Great practice to become a good father yourself. With all respect: eliminate the word suicide from your vocabulary, rise above any situation you face and be reflective enough to understand what it is that you miss to properly deal with the situation and go out and get it. Do things your way. It's the right way. Follow your gut. Your way might be a way ton of others need that their fathers couldn't give them.

Again, we can find strength here, an asset we are encouraged to develop. Ignore the article you just read. Don't let random articles online give you random panic attacks. This is confirmation bias in action. We start looking for ways to reaffirm that fact. To give you an example:. That's so true, I am definitely to use more drugs in the future. Let's get some cocaine! In this particular case, we are making ourselves believe, that indeed, we are more susceptible to drug addiction.

This is why I think we must make a collective effort to redefine the fatherless household narrative. Did you know Obama grew up without a father? I wonder how his fatherlessness made him who he is today. In order to shape our future, we must look for our past to understand the present. I am more mature now and I understand why I did what I did. And I forgive myself, and I looked at what unique characteristics each life event gave me, what unique coping mechanisms it forced me to develop and now I have the luxury to choose how I can apply them in other areas of my life.

Do we continue to let our fatherlessness define us? Let it make you unique, original, better attuned with your own emotions, a more sociable person, a quicker and better learner, a more helpful person to your friends. Anything you want it to be. Because in our position without a role model, without any male guidance, we have the luxury to find our own role model, we have the luxury to guide ourselves. Because, when we miss our father and ask ourselves, what should I do now dad? This is where we find ourselves.

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  • Our strength. We are mature now, we understand what's going on. So do we continue to let it shape us for the worse, or for the good. The choice is ours. What an awesome choice to have. Choose right. What I would love to see is an article that compares the effects of growing up without a father in different races versus cultures. I wouldn't say permanently but yes growing up with a single parent does alter your brain.

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    Yep, I got all these symptoms, I'm 48 and grew up without a dad. Fortunately for you, you could at least date. I've had decade long dry spells. I'm good looking, high IQ, but just completely hostile to women. I have never been able to overcome it, no matter how much therapy I go through, how much exercise, self-exploration. I am just hostile to women I find attractive. I can't stand even looking at them. My sister is fucked up in the head too. Thanks for an interesting article as I struggle with a 10 year old boy whose father lives states away and ignores him.

    Luckily, he has wonderful family and a step-dad to help guide him. The holidays and his birthday are still difficult for him. Thank you for your comments Chuck, they are much appreciated. It is rare that I learn so much from the comment section, of one of my articles. But every thing you shared makes total sense, and it is personally very thought-provoking.